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We are two best friends who have bonded over hot oppa's and swoony book boyfriends. We cannot imagine our lives without romance. It's our sanity! (You'll find our individual descriptions below)

This platform is to share our love for the romantic fictional world and to connect with people who enjoy it too. 

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My go to places are books and series because its my escape from reality. Through them I get to live new lives and meet my fictional boyfriends! I always end up puffy eyed with a case of the moods swing because of the way I get immersed into the characters. But you wouldn't find me guilty of that ;)

Nothing could stop me from enjoying a good romance - I have watched and read books during exams too! I always carry a book in my bag, like carrying a doorway to heaven around with me. All I need do is crack it open and I'm transported to another world. For a travel lover like me, it's the next best thing. 



I have a confession to make: I'm a 23-year-old crazy romance addict and will swoon over fictional characters. I am the happiest person on the planet when I'm reading a good romance or watching Korean drama. The only thing that even comes close is maybe my love for ice creams!

You'll have to forcefully drag me out of bookstores and push me to step into the real world. I have a scary fear that no real man will ever interest me and that books have spoilt men for me...forever.


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