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A Perfect Ten - Linda Kage (Forbidden Men #5)

Let your hair down, Caroline,they said.It'll be fun,they said.

I know I've closed myself off in a major way over the past year, ever since “the incident” where I messed up my life completely. It's past time I try to live again or just give up altogether. But this is quite possibly the craziest thing I've ever done. In a last ditch effort to invigorate myself, I'm standing outside Oren Tenning's bedroom, I just peeled off the sexiest pair of underwear I own, and my hand is already raised to knock. My brother would disown me for doing anything with his best friend, and he'd probably kill Oren. But if I play my cards right, no one will ever know about this. Not even Ten.

Maybe after tonight, I’ll finally get over this stupid, irrational crush I hate having on the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. Or maybe I’ll just end up falling for him even harder. Maybe I’ll discover there’s so much more to my crude, carefree hunk than meets the eye.

So I've been re reading the forbidden men series. And since I didn't put in any reviews the first time around I thought I could do it now..

Like most of the population I was WAITING for Tens book. I just KNEW it would be epic. And it was. EPIC.

It was PERFECT. I love Ten. I just...best book boyfriend right there.

“I was supposed to go with you, wherever you went. We’re a team. You told me once that I had to have a place. Well, I finally figured out where it is. It’s with you.”

Obviously Ten is filled with flaws and by no means perfect. But I never could point them as flaws... because the flaws are what really made me love him!

He is insanely loyal, kind, loving, and ughhh I want an Oren😭

“How can I help you through this? What can I do to ease your pain, because I swear to God, I’ll do anything.” Absolutely anything. She set her hand on her heart and looked up at me, her eyes filled with so much emotion, I swear, some of it overflowed, spilling into me. “Just love me,” she whispered. “I do,” I promised.

I hurt for Ten in SO many parts of the book. I have to admit I started hating Noel at a point the first time I read this. I just...it ripped me apart to see Noel hurt Ten that bad.

Like it's been mentioned several times in the series.... There's no one like Ten.

And it gives me so much joy to say that be found the perfect girl for him!

Caroline and Ten are frigging perfect for each other!

They are legit my favourite in the WHOLE series.

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