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All Grown up - Vi Keeland

Rating: 4.5 stars

I am not a fan of the age gap stories but I loved the blurb of the story and the quotes of this book gave me hope of a new book boyfriend. This book was really good.

I'll begin with my favorite quotes from the book:

"Not at all. You're already my forever. This is just a formality."
"When someone is already inside of you, you can't just let go of their heart. The only way to disconnect it."
"Important things seem to happen for a reason, and we shouldn't walk away from them even if it wasn't how we saw things playing out originally. If something feels right, we have to make it work."
"We're rarely ready for the big things in life, no matter how much we prepare. Sometimes as I'll ever be has to be enough."
"You thought I had a woman over after chasing you for a month? I'm not the kind of guy to use another woman to replace the one I want but can't have."

I have more favorite ones, giving them all away may spoil all the good parts of the book.

Val is a divorcee therefore she has a lot of issues, plus she has just been one relationship. Loved how she kept going after her divorce. She definitely did not turn into a sloppy victim. She grew and did things for herself. Ford was the perfect match for her. He pushed her buttons, made her learn that it was okay to do things that were inappropriate for people if it mattered to her and if it did not hurt anyone. He was so thoughtful of her situation and seeing how mature he was for his age was bliss. I loved how persistent he was with Val. I just loved him. EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT HIM.

Eve was an amazing BFF. She knew her best friend really well and pushed her out of her comfort zone to bring back the old confident version of her BFF. She was the one responsible for Val and Ford's union every single time.

Just read this book!

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