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All You Need - Lorelai James

This book was a little different than what I expected. Annika is known as the 'Iron Princess' where she's very good at what she does - PR management at her family company - Lund Industries. Axl Hammerqist is a Hockey player in need of PR assistance to turn over his manwhore ways. They meet and have this secret instant attraction but ultimately butt heads. I wasn't super into the writing style but I loved the characters! And a very rare case for me but I loved BOTH the main leads equally and actually felt that they belonged together. However it did take me a little time to start loving the guy. And when I did..I seriously liked him. He's ...very understanding, kind and caring towards Annika. He handles her moods very beautifully and respects her. There isn't much in the sense of couple drama. They don't have a lot of fights or break up scenes. It was very mature - like. Oh but that's only after the initial hate - love thing they have going on. In this story they have to fake date to improve Axl's reputation. And usually books in this trope, the characters fake date and soon those turn into real feelings and there's this drama where they hide those 'real' feelings for each other until it all gets sorted in the end. This book was quite different from this usual setting. Like I've said before..it had a very mature handling of everything. The characters talked out and communicated thier feelings, there were very few or almost no miscommunication/misunderstanding between them. Which was refreshing. To sum it up: this is an enemies to lovers book, with a fake dating trope, slightly steamy and very beautiful characters. It's not very intense or emotional. But it can't be labelled as a romcom either because...it doesn't actually have much 'comedy'. But it's definitely a worthwhile read!

About The Book:

PR agent Annika Lund can spin any disaster into a win. But revamping the reputation of a notorious Swedish hockey player will take every trick in her arsenal, especially when his agent insists that convincing everyone he’s no longer a playboy is top priority. And that it requires a sham relationship—with Annika playing the part of loving girlfriend. On fire in the rink and in the bedroom, Axl Hammerquist couldn’t care less about being anyone’s golden boy. So when his agent forces him to play nice with a new publicist, he takes satisfaction in being as much of a pain as possible. But the more time he spends getting to know Annika, the more Axl starts to think that being Mr. Nice Guy might be worth it if it gets him the girl...

Pages : 368

Release Date : 4th April 2017

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