• Ria

Bastard Bachelor Society ~ Sara Ney

Abbott is from a rich family and she works in her family business. She has a cat, Desdemona who she dearly loves. She is a fan of ancient architecture and delicious donuts and coffee. She has a crazy loving Nan who never stops to snoop in her life and apartment. She realizes she has a neighbor when she bumps into Brooks.

Brooks is an architect who loves to party. He has a club with his two buddies. The Bastard Bachelor Society means having no girlfriends, no spending too much time with one girl and definitely not sharing their hoodies with any girl as it is sacred. Breaking any rules means giving up something that they really love.

Brooks cannot get Abbot of his mind. Now when he enters Abbott's apartment for brunch he cannot stop spending time with her. Every assumption of his is proven wrong because Abbot is super sweet and has a nasty mouth. They both begin to hangout every second they are free. Nan gets to know about Brooks and she is making excused for Abbott and Brooks to spend time together. Abbott starts to have feelings for Brooks. Brooks knows he may have fallen for her but he cannot fail to his friends and lose his prized possession. He may lose the girl he loves or he has to pay the prize to the club.

The book is a light breeze. I thought Abbott and Brooks would connect through architecture but boom no connection. I could easily connect and disconnect with the book. The author could show a lot more chemistry between them. This book was so-so for me. I loved the fact that Abbott's cat had a point of view too in the book. Pick this book only if you are really bored.

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