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Dear Ava - Ilsa Madden-Mills

DEAR AVA. ....

This book definitely drains you emotionally. It has just way too many emotions. I loved the book but it will not hit my favorite list because it is so emotional otherwise it was really really good.

Ava has a terrible past and a younger brother, Tyler, who she loves dearly and Ava has protected him since the day he was born. Ava enters a school through a scholarship, this school is not an easy place for her as she is the only one who is not as rich as the others. An incident changes her life altogether.

She suddenly is being talked and gossiped about in the school. No one expects her return to school after that incident but Ava being her, she comes back as a fighter a stronger Ava. She also has a secret admirer from the least expected bunch of people the SHARKS!

There is group known as Sharks, they are obviously popular and so are their parents. Ava's life-changing incident is because of one of them.

Chance is a football player, best friend of Knox and Ava's ex-boyfriend. He broke up after the incident with Ava. I disliked him so much in the beginning but at the end, I began to like him a teeny miny bit.

Dane is Knox's brother, a drug addict.(Don't judge him right away) He as reasons for being the way he is. He knows something untold of Ava's incident. He also tries to look out for Ava which made feel he loved her too but thank goodness.

Liam has a filthy mouth who is also into drugs and a lot of other things he shouldn't be doing.

KNOX also has a horrible past. He has been taking care of his brother. He has this bad boy image in school. He has always had the feels for Ava. The scar on his face hurts his confidence. Knox knows everything about Ava, he knows things he shouldn't.

Knox and Ava are put together in a class which leads them spending time and to get closer. They both try so hard to push each other away but it doesn't happen. They both open to each other in so many ways and it was beautiful to see that.

Soon they get public with their relationship. Dane remembers something from the incident.

Ava and Knox part ways.

This book has not just one epilogue but 2 epilogues Omg! The epilogues were so teary and amazing.