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Enemy ~Tijan

Stone is the best footballer which is why he is super famous in the town. Now Dusty has to move to the same town as him. They haven't spoken to each other for years. Dusty hates him to guts. Her stepmom is annoying her to reach out to Stone. An incident gets them to talk to each other and spend a lot of quality time with each other. Dusty does"t want Stone's consideration nor does she want his help. If Dusty is adamant so is Stone. Stone gets things done his way and spending together results in them talking about each other and their issues. Dusty and Stone have a lot of secrets from each other this might bring them together or tear them apart.

Let me warn you the blurb might let you believe it is filled with lots of laughs but it makes you cry. I cried so much also I did not want to let go off the book even for a second, it is that gripping. In this book, my heart ached for Dusty. I wanted to find her and be there for her. As for Stone, that guy was protective and so considerate, I just wanted that guy to talk his heart out to Dusty. I wish this book had Stone's point of view too, it does but just 2 chapters in the end. I think I could connect with Dusty to another level because I understood everything she felt or had in her mind, I wanted the same for Stone. Read this book only if you can handle emotions too well. I am never getting over this book. I am doomed. I wanted more romance of Stone and Dusty though(romance is never enough). Did I love the Epilogue after epilogue, hell yes! Who isn't glad to have extras? Well, I hope you don't cry too much while reading this.

“Grief is a right bastard. Sneaks up on you, blasts you, hits you, pounds you, leaves you wrecked. There’s a moment of peace. You never know how long it could last. Minutes. Hours. Days. You’re starting to believe you can ‘do this’ and the bastard comes back, knocks you over with a battering ram. But if you fight it, deny it, ignore it, it’s still there. The bastard is just waiting until your shields are down, then he gets you again. Only way to deal is to take the beating, then breathe once he’s gone, and wait for him to return because it would get better.”
There’s a pocket in your mind where you go when you feel unsafe, where you can’t handle whatever is happening in real life, and you lock yourself in there because you feel protected.”

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