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Fake It 'Til You Break It ~ Meagan Brandy

Demi hates Nico. Why? Well because Nico has been giving her the silent treatment since grade 8. Now, she has to partner up with him? Hell no!! She tries to convince the teacher to change her partner but he does not listen to her. This is how Nico, now a famous football player and Demi, a hip hop dancer land up spending time together.

Demi has this long crush on Alex, Nico realizes it and plans to help Demi. Demi hates the idea of fake dating Nico because she believes this will not help to attract Alex. This idea slowly begins to work. Demi and Nico are soon together and no one even questions them. The attraction that Nico feels towards Demi is so evident from the beginning slowly it begins to grow on Demi.

They both don't know enough about each other's personal lives and slowly as they get to know more about each other and their personal lives their views on each other begin to change. Soon fake is turned to real love but they both haven't told each other everything and this might ruin their relationship.

I loved how this was not the typical fake love story where the guy bets on sleeping with the girl or to go out with her. It was nothing like those books at all. It seemed refreshing to read a different storyline on a fake love plot. I loved Nico, he loved Demi so much and it was so obvious. He stood by her and made her stand for herself. I could connect a lot with Demi since I am a dancer myself, she says that she needs open air just like Nico need the ground and I felt that. Demi is so thoughtful and selfless. She did not give in details of how her mom was to her friends because she did not want them to see her mom as a bad one. Their chemistry between them was Woah, I could feel the tension between them. This is definitely going to my favorite list.

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