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Falcon ~Michelle Heard


Wealth and power make them untouchable.

The monarchs of Trinity Academy.

Falcon Reyes.

With a sharp, intelligent look, he reeks of arrogance wrapped in an icy layer of indifference. A life of luxury has left him with the notion that everything is attainable.

Power. Wealth. Status.

He's a god and I a mere mortal.

He's Jupiter, and I am Mercury.

There's so much power in this man.

He has the kind of influence most people can't even begin to imagine.

And me... I'm an eighteen-year-old girl who managed to make him lose control.

I'm the girl who showed him there's a kaleidoscope of colors outside the high walls of his black and white world.

This is the first book from the series, though the other books in the series are about other couples this one ends with a CLIFFHANGER! I wish I knew this earlier but I have no issues reading the series as I love their gang. I loved how their story was so pure and it was not all that dramatic.

( GIF = When I found out that the book ends with a cliffhanger)

Falcon a rich arrogant guy, who does everything that he is asked not to do. His family and his only hopes are Mason and Lake who are also from rich families. I love their bond and how they understood and sacrificed with each other. Mason is the hot-tempered guy but I loved how he is always protecting his friends and

Lake my my, he is my next favorite after Falcon for now (Wink wink)

Layla is my favorite, why? There are so many reasons; her character is so strong and I love how much she loves herself and her family. She was not have been given enough time by her parents but not once was she angry with them, she loved and understood them. She was even proud of her parents and the way she stood face to face with Falcon’s mom was amazing.

Falcon and Layla; I loved how their story was not about being physical and doing it !It was about falling in love with each other despite their differences and standing with and for each other. Not once did either of them give up on each other. Falcon understood Layla and her friends so well. Falcon and his friends were always there for Layla. Layla understood and accepted them so well. (Isn't this trueee love?)Layla’s favorite is mine too .(Luke. Luke .)

Pick this one if you are up for a romance but with a cliffhanger. This is a light romance and I loved this book was not just about intimacy. This is going to my favorite book list but beware this one is a series and every book in the series needs to be read to know the complete story of the gang. I am waiting to read the next book because I need more of this couple and I need to know what happens to the others too.Next book is about the angry young man Mason .

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