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Frayed ~ Laura Pavlov


My life was mapped out for me before I even entered the world.

Who I'd date, where I’d attend college, what I'd be when I grew up.

But there was a time in everyone's life when they'd face a fork in the road.

Should I go left, or should I go right?

It didn't matter as long as I didn't remain stagnant any longer.

Jett Stone opened me up to a whole new world.

Reminding me that it was okay to find my own way.

I could have roots in Willow Springs and still spread my wings and fly.

What I didn't expect was to fall in love with the broody football player.

The boy I’d known since kindergarten.

The boy who had somehow become my everything

" I think people show you who they are, Ace. At some point you've got to believe them".

I felt emotions throughout the book which made the book super special.

Introducing to my new book boyfriend:

Jett, a football player who is super smart in studies and for me he was the BAD BOY . In fact he was a GOOOOD boy. I have a list of things which pulled me towards him

His heart , so kind and down to earth.

How he respected everyone

He helped his mother though his work was a risky

How he loved Adelaide Edington, he saw her for who she was, not once did he force her to do something she did not want, he wanted her to fly, he respected her and did so many things for her happiness. He loved Adelaide’s friends.

Adelaide , she is a rich girl with a sweet and soft heart. My heart ached for her so many times, I just wanted to grab and hug her. I loved her so much but what I loved more was her heart. She was so GOOD and I was so glad Jett saw that and treated her the way she deserved. Her self-confidence and her personality changed so much, it was for the better.

I loved her girls “ The Magic Willows’ , they stood by each other tall and strong.

All the main characters in this book developed so much.

I hated Alec so much ,I hated everything he did but I melted later on.

If you don’t read this then you will regret it and I am not kidding!

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