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From Lukov with Love ~ Mariana Zapata

Jasmine and Ivan have been figure skaters since they were kids but Ivan was popular. Jasmine was best friends with Ivan's sister and she HATES Ivan. Now for some reason, they have to become partners in figure skating.

They both are constantly fighting with each other. He just cannot stop calling her Meatballs and she has a new evil name for him every time like Satan.

I just loved how strong Jasmine was, she stood up for others and for herself. She was a dreamer and a fighter. She never gave up on her dreams and neither did her family. Her family was hilarious and amazing, I think they were the reason why she had so much confidence. She could give up anything for her dreams and family.

Ivan was super popular and was a world champ. With a character like his I never ever expected him to have a bunny but come on we are talking about Ivan, He knew every single thing about Jas except that she loves the colour was PINK. He was ALWAYS there for Jas, he was the protector and he always stood up for Jas.Damn when this guy got pissed with Jas because she did not care for herself. I was in awe of him in the entire book. I could feel that he always had his eyes on Jas also he was the only one who could handle the renegade Jas. I LOVED HIM.

<==== My love for Ivan.

I can just go on with how much I loved Ivan and this book. I have no fav quotes because I wanted to pen down everything from that book. Jas and Ivan were so perfect for each other.

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