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Hands Down ~Mariana Zapata

I could feel their friendship in this book as half the book is about them being friends. I couldn’t feel the love or attraction between the characters. I did understand what Bianca felt for Zac but I just could not understand if he liked her not. While reading the book I thought this book might not have a HEA but thank the Lord it did. I did miss the romance in this book and I felt this book could be so much better. I just couldn't feel the chemistry. I just felt this book was more about friendship than love and I don’t know why this book had a lot para’s explaining about stuff which was super boring.

What I loved was their friendship and the relationship between Bianca and her family.

Bianca, she was brought by her grandmother when her parents left her and for their missionary. I loved she wasn’t bitter that her parents left her and I just loved how she was with her circle of people. She was funny and super loyal. The Lazy Baker channel watchtube was her life.

Zac may be a famous sportsman but he was so humble and he did not forget his roots. He may have not visited his hometown but that did not change the respect and love he had for his family and his people.

Bianca and Zac are childhood best friends but when Zac goes to another city to achieve his dream they lose touch because of a misunderstanding. Now they meet each other after years and they bond well pretty soon. Zac tried his best, he always included Bianca in his plans and this man, made it his business to be in her business too. Zac became this friend with a protective shield for Bianca. I just loved how frank they were to each other this also helped them to understand and support each other.

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