• Sakorn

How To Save A Life - P.Dangelico

My Review:


I've been in a book slump of sorts and this one dragged me out. It's been an anticipated read of mine and it really lived up to everything I hoped it to be and more!

We have two characters who have been through soo much in life and come out stronger. I loved thier character development and to see them open up to each other and fall for each other.

I especially loved the woman, Riley. Her character was so well rounded and amazing. She's everything I hope to be. She's optimistic in the face of life, always fighting and being hopeful for the good things, always stepping forward to right a wrong and oh my gosh..so unbelievably kind. She was most definitely not a doormat heroine. She had all the traits of a perfect human without being too perfect. I loved her brand of humor! This book had me laughing at so many stops.

The guy is a 'rough exterior but a heart of gold' kinda hero. I didn't connect with him right off the bat like I did with Riley but soon loved him a whole lot as the book goes on.

This is the kind of book that is so good that it leaves you with a smile on your face and a ache in your heart to find another just as good to keep the feeling going. (Or maybe that's just my romance-addicted self xD)

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