• Ria

Huge Deal ~ Lauren Layne

Kate has been the secretary not just for Kennedy but for his other two partners,Ian and Matt too. Ian and Matt are close friends of Kate but Kennedy doesn't share a friendly relationship with her. Kennedy and his partners have made a pact that Kate is off-limits for them. Matt is happily married and Ian is engaged so the pact doesn't make a difference to them.

Kate has been working for years in this company and that is why the trio cannot survive without Kate. Kate's life is her work. Her friends are from work, Sabrina ( Matt's wife ) and Lara ( soon to be wife of Ian). She has never taken a day off and does her hair the same way she did the first day she joined the company.

Jake is the younger brother of Kennedy but he is nothing like Kennedy, in fact, he is the opposite of him. He SMILES and he instantly hits off with Kate. In no time they are going for dates and this situation lights up Kennedy. He cannot stand Jake and Kate together . He takes a long time to figure out how he feels for her.

This book is a one time read. I love Lauren Layne's books but this one did not hit well . I felt the chemistry was missing between the leads. The plot was quite predictable. Plus this book is written is a narrative so we don't really get to understand what the characters are feeling. The relationships with the characters are briefly touched on which is why we don't understand how well they bond. If you are looking for a light one time read romance you can try this one.

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