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I Hate you (not)~Ella James

This hate-love doesn’t have a lot of banter but it has a lot of attraction and two children. ALERT - it has Harry Potter nerds!

That's the thing about love. It could make your world but it could also break it

Burke a man who owns seven cars and for who $3000 is absolutely nothing. He has lost his brother and now he wants his niece and nephew’s custody because he cannot stand the fact that they are living with cowgirl in a small town with their Aunt June. He learns about June and her farm from his assistant. He flies down to the little town to get his family.

June loves her farm and now after her sister’s death she is given the responsibility of her sister’s kids. She is afraid if the kids will love the place and if she will be able to provide everything that they need. She is getting along with the kids quite well when arrogant Burke enters her house thinking he has June all figured.

With time Burke realizes that he judged June too soon. He wants to know more about her.

I loved how June was with the kids and she did not realize but there were times when she was acting like a total mom. She wasn’t insecure about herself though she didn’t do things that others usually did. She was happy in her own world. Now she had a farm, kids. Burke saw all this in her slowly and he was slowly falling for June. June was forging and I loved that.

Burke might have looked like an arrogant man but he has a soft side.I was glad when he realized where he was wrong. He was so good with the kids and damn he was so caring.

The story was good, I just wish there was banter. This book has emotional elements. The last chapter had me hooked because I was afraid because there were too many reasons for it to go wrong. For once a guy with issues did not run away from his responsibilities. He welcomed everything with open hands. June is the perfect girl for Burke, she set him right when needed and she loved him enough. Burke took time with June and he understood her so well. They were crazy Harry potter nerds. Their Harry Potter pet names actually suited them really well.

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