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Inappropriate - Vi Keeland

I was so excited about this book. I have either loved Vi Keeland's books or disliked it (well I shall spill the beans about that later)

My favorite quotes from this one are :

"I got used to the sound of your heartbeat lulling me to sleep"
"No rain . No flowers"
"My aunt used to say grief was a lot like swimming in the ocean. On the good days, we could float on top with our heads above water, feeling the sunshine on our faces. But on the bad days, the water grew violent, and it was difficult not to get sucked under and drown. The only we think could do was learn to be stronger swimmers"
"That was the past. I realize now that not all the good things in life are simple. Some of the best things are complicated but beautiful and worth all the risk. I don't need to watch every sunrise or sunset for a reminder that good exists anymore. I have you"

Ireland is fired by her rude boss for a social media post that was posted from her private account (not even her PUBLIC account!). She then proceeds to send an email to Grant which she most definitely should not have! This email catches Grant's eye and since then he is curious about Ireland. Grant is Ireland's boss's boss's boss. Grant and Ireland haven't met each other. Then they meet and their story escalates. Grant's past has affected him drastically and that was one reason why these two had some kind of distance between each other.

It wasn't a book that I wanted to finish at one go. I felt Grant was too held up in his past. I couldn't feel the love and attraction between them. There were so many scenes where I felt that the author could portray love and attraction between them. I was also expecting a lot of banter but was disappointed. What I liked in the book was how Ireland understood Grant and his past. I loved the scenes on the ship. I felt this book could be so much better! PS: I always find amazing quotes in Vi's books!

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