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IOU ~Kristy Marie


It’s official.

I, Ainsley James, am crazy.

Desperate and crazy.

It’s the only explanation as to why I’m nauseous, standing outside Maverick Lexington’s door.

I mean, it’s possible the stories about his deck of playing cards—with the words IOU scrawled across the back—are just rumors of the ruthless quid pro quo deals he barters.

But the flutters in my stomach know better.

Maverick is as cold as they come.

But, I need one of those cards.

I NEED to owe Maverick Lexington a favor…

Whatever the terms, I’m willing to pay.

Because, at this point, I have nothing left to lose

The cover might trick you into believing that Maverick is a bad guy but he is not, he is a darling. Okay he might be a bad boy but just a teeny miny bit.

The book was refreshing for me as I haven’t read a book like this before.

Ainsley James has just got her heartbroken and cheated on by the love of her life. She just lost everything at one go, her boyfriend, her apartment. She sacrificed her dreams for him and everything was a waste now. She needs a place to stay and that can be provided by mysterious Maverick who favors and you re-pays him with favors, anytime and anywhere.

Maverick is pro at poker. There is a lot of difference between the Maverick that people know about and the real Maverick. He likes his public image as it is the perfect mask for the real him. He likes to be alone but one knock at his door one favor can change everything in his life.

Ainsley cannot shut her mouth and she never listens to him which leads her in getting the highest IOU cards. Maverick brings out the best of Ainsley. This couple was feisty and damn they loved to annoy each other. They don’t want to get close to each other but it doesn’t go as planned. I just loved their chemistry.

READ this! You will not be disappointed.

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