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Kind of Cursed - Stephanie Fournet

4 boba stars 🌟

I am pleasantly surprised by how beautiful this book was! This author is new to me and it's my first book by her. I went into it completely blind apart from reading the plot - which completely roped me in.

The story is about a vet doctor, Millie. There is said to be a 'curse' in Millie's family where all the females are overly fertile and almost every intimate moment leads to pregnancy.

Millie is the oldest daughter and has 3 siblings, two of which are twins in their high school and one a younger boy in his middle school. Millie's love and affection towards them wins me over in this book.

The book starts with how Millie is managing her brothers and sisters as their parents passed away about six months back. Something I loved about this book is how it deals with this. Topics like this can easily get very depressing and sad to read about (which I avoid at all costs). The author really does a brilliant job at maintaining the balance with the emotional front, the hilarious side and the romantic aspect.

It's when Millie is at her brother's game that she notices him. Luc Valencia. *Sigh* (This guy is my new book boyfriend.) He's a Mexican-American and is at the game to cheer his brother. Millie is instantly attracted to him but the curse holds her back. She cannot afford to get into another relationship, she's already got too much on her plate to deal with.

A kitchen remodelling project brings them together and sparks fly!

I absolutely loved how understanding Luc was, how very very caring he was towards Millie and her siblings. He was exactly what they all needed and didn't know. He's possessive and protective of her. Both Luc and Millie are deeply affectionate characters who give the world to the people they love. They have brilliant chemistry and such a sweet love!

"I will make sure she laughs every day. This isn’t just a promise; it’s a constitution."

This book was not dramatic or overly emotional. It felt so real. I absolutely connected with the writing style and loved it! Definitely looking forward to reading more books by this author.

Pick this up if you're looking for a family centric romance with a swoon worthy hero! There's love, laughter and tears, all in this tiny package of a blockbuster.

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