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Legacy ~Laura Pavlov



I don’t have time for distractions.

I have a billion-dollar company to run. A father to grieve.

A legacy to fulfill.

Harley DeLuca is not my type.

She’s snarky.

She's stubborn.

And she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen—even in her ridiculous grungy tennis shoes.

I can’t get enough of her.


I was a mistake from the moment of conception.

The sins of my mother have followed me like a nightmare in a horror flick.

I’m determined to make a life for myself, free of my past.

I have three goals.

Open a bakery.

Keep Gramps safe.

And forget that I’m Valentina DeLuca’s daughter.

There’s no room in my life for a man.

Especially an arrogant, condescending jerk like Ford Montgomery.

But now he's my business partner.

My friend.

And if I'm not careful, he just might be—everything

I think the GIF above explains what I feel about this book. I am SO glad I picked this book. I have been reading a lot and everything was going to my DNF shelf but this one is going directly to my favorite shelf. I wanted more because this was such a short book.

Ford who only is about business and he doesn't eat any junk food especially not sugar and noodles. He handles his company his two younger brothers, Jake and Harrison handle the winery with their mom.

I loved the hate-love relationship between Harley and him. He may be rich but he was always down to earth and he was always protective of Harley and I just love the way he protected her. Harley maybe just his partner in the business but his life definitely changes after their paths meet. I just LOVED him. He made sure to give Harley everything that she deserves and so much more. the ending was AWWWWWWW. I loved how he was as a person and as a boyfriend, brother, and son.

Harley has fought battles since her childhood but now she is a famous baker who wears sneakers. ( I love sneakers too!!!)

She always has the icing on her face when she bakes. She is content with whatever little that she has earned and I loved how she was so proud of the little things she has achieved in her life. Jake loves her sweet treats and Harrison loves to share with her. I loved how these three bonded in the book. Her aim is to bake and be with her Gramps. She is a reader just like me all the more reason for me to connect with her. Her sweet treats melt Ford and then she gets him to eat more calories.

Harley and Ford may be different but they have horrible pasts. They were so perfect for each other.

I loved how every character was connected in this book. It might be odd but I just loved Ford's family they might be rich but they are sweethearts. I was in AWWE of them. They were like rock-solid for each other and how they stood for Harley too, took my heart away.

Ps: Be ready with a box of tissues because I finished 1 box. LOL! I have a book hangover thanks to this book.

Please please don't miss this.

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