• Ria

Like You Care~Kaydence Snow

Read this only if you are not sensitive because this book SUPER emotional. I wish I had sat with my tissue box at least then my pillow wouldn’t be wet. This book deals with bullying and body shaming.

Philomena couldn’t stand when people called her Phil because it reminded her of the bullies. She was bullied for something she was born with. I hated the way the bullies treated her but at the same time, I wish she stood up for herself. I did learn later that she did complain about those bullies but well, no one did anything. The bullies were MEAN, I thought they would kill her but thank goodness it did not happen.

She may have not been well of as her friends but those girls were such amazing friends. They were so considerate about Mena. They did everything they could to make things better for her. Friends like them are meant to be cherished forever.

Turner did not know how Mena looked, he hadn’t seen her but he loved it. I thought he would enter and things would change in school for Mena and the other but he did not stand up. My heart broke for Mena, in the beginning, I just thought he was in shock but damn I wish he stood up for her at least as a friend. I was glad he stood up for her later. Turner as a character did not work for me.

The prologue made the book more interesting, it left me waiting and thinking about it till the end. For a short book, it was good, the story felt so real but something did not work in this book for me.

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