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Love the One You Hate ~R.S.Grey

Maren is a caretaker and she loves playing the piano. One day she is accused of something she did not do and in the next moment, she is given a job offer by Cornelia to a place she is not aware of at all.

Cornelia, the grandmother of Nicholas is famous in Rosethorn. Their house is a palace and Maren is given a suite for residence. Cornelia presents an offer Maren cannot decline.

Nicholas the rich lawyer is protective of his Grandmother and when he knows his grandmother has appointed an employee without his knowledge he begins to investigate.

Maren and Cornelia love each other’s company and Nicholas and Maren cannot stand each other. With time their hate turns into love.

I picked this book first because of the author. I must say when I read the first half of the book I began expecting a lot from the book as it is so well written. It was different from the other books the author has written. I loved the banter between Nicholas and Maren but I

Maren is portrayed as a strong-headed lady yet she gets along well with everyone around her, well except Nicholas. She is not aware of her beauty both in and out but Cornelia definitely saw it. I was glad Maren was not hung up on insecurities; she let it go with time.

Nicholas is protective of the people he loves. I loved he accepts his mistakes and understands them. His ego doesn’t get in his way. He did not think less about Maren even for once because of her status or her past. (Well after he gets to know her side of the story)

Cornelia is an amazing person. I would love to have someone like her in my life. She is so giving and so kind even after all that she has. She is the definition of simplicity and humility.

What I did not like was the last chapter; it was so abrupt to end like that. Also not once in the book did they say the three golden words “I LOVE YOU”. Yes, you heard me right.

Music from the book :

1.Maribel By Oskar Schuster

2. Departure

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