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Lush- K.D Elizabeth


I like being the center of attention.

That works out well when I own the only bar in town.

One night she struts in and the whole bar stops.

Beautiful women like her don’t visit my tiny town.

I instantly want her.

She definitely wants me.

As soon as the bar closes, we go at it like animals.

We thought that would be the last time we saw each other.

But now there’s one little problem.

I’m starting my own bourbon label.

And I just lined up a huge presentation with a distributor.

To my surprise, the woman I’m presenting to isn’t some corporate nobody.

She’s the sexy-as-sin woman from the bar.

She holds my company’s future in her hands.

One word from her and my dream dies.

She’s horrified she slept with a potential client.

And all I can think about is how glorious it felt being inside her.

She doesn’t think we can remain professional.

But she’ll be here for a whole month.

And you know what they say …

The best business is always mixed with pleasure.

I cannot stop gushing over this book. I felt every emotion in this book. Don’t think just pick this on.(it’s been a while since I said this for a review)

Let’s begin with The King - Nathan - a bartender with boxing skills, a body where the six packs keep peeking out through his shirts. His heart is nothing but golden. His family may be incomplete but it definitely is huge. You cannot not love The handsome bunch of Kings .

Jude has a coconut nature which is one of the reasons why Nathan fell for her. No one can mess with her except Northwood obviously. The love she had for her brother got me all mushy mushy.

Northwood ,I disliked him in the beginning and the feeling just grew and grew. Everything about him seemed from the beginning. I disliked how he treated Jude. I wanted Nathan to punch him at least once.

The attraction between Nathan and Jude is instant and is like fire. The crazy things they did had me laughing. Understanding and trust was in their relationship because they were so true and open to each other. I hated it when they fought because they were such a happy -straightforward couple. Two halves perfectly made one sorta pair.They as a couple stood tall with and for each other

The other Kings were not bad either, actually all of them make quiet a bunch, a bunch no one can beat especially with their girls.

A must read !

I received this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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