• Ria

Mason ~ Michelle Heard


"You're my assistant."

The magic words every girl at Trinity Academy are dying to hear.

But I'm the one who gets stuck with Mason Chargill, the star of most women's fantasies but my nightmare. One of the heirs to CRC Holdings, he might be dangerously gorgeous, but his cold and callous demeanor makes him an ice prince.

He expects me to abide by the Academy's hierarchy, to be at his constant beck and call.

Yeah, right... hell will freeze over before that ever happens.

Unfortunately for him, I'm no pushover.

Unfortunately for me, he's determined to break me.

If only there were a way to melt that shard of ice, he calls a heart

I was so excited to read this book as the first book left me thinking . This book is about Mason- the angry man and his frenmy Kingsley.

Mason is known as the angry man but he is also the onewho is going to take over CRC. Mason has always been protective of his people and he would do ANYTHING to keep the safe. Yes, in this book and the one before we did see his angry side but who knew he would be so sweet and caring two . (Talk about sides of a coin= Mason) Mason was AMAZING! I think I might have liked him more than Falcon. The way he fought for Kingsley ,his "Hunt" had me shocked and amazed. The book begins with angry Mason and ends with the most caring boyfriend Mason.

Kingsley ,the courage and her sass had me . The way she annoyed Mason was fun to read. Her loyalty towards Layla stays and these two stand by eachother no matter what.

The story of Mason and Kingsley is writeen so much bettter than Falcon and Layla's . Their banter made me laugh till my stomach ached. Kingsley understood Mason so well yet she wouldn't listen to Mason no matter what . This couple was meant to be.

Though this book is about Mason and Lay;la and since my heart belonged to Lake in the first book too , it shouldn't be wrong to say that I just loved him more in this one.He was the Father of Mason and Kingsley, he was the shoulder to cry on, the arm to hold on ,the friend to laugh and cry with.I am so excitedto read his book.

You must pick this book if you love hate-lovve romance with a lot of banter. This book is so much about realtionships be it family, friends or girlfriend. This book is amazing trust me pick this one but to understand this book you will to read the first book .