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Most Eligible Billionaire - Annika Martin

A sexy enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy standalone!

"He reminds me of a vengeful god in one of those ancient paintings that hang in the Met. Current mood: Destroy the Earth. But this god wears a suit instead of flowing robes. Vengeful god 2.0 : The hot-but-scary Wall Street edition - born hard, deadly and dressed to kill it in the boardroom."

5 'Griffin' Stars

You know the last time I rated a book with 5 stars?

A year. Yes that's right...a whole freaking year and I haven't found a book this good! (Or at least that's what it feels like) I rarely ever give books 5 stars. Usually none of them hit me in all the right places. This one did.

There was absolutely nothing I didn't like about this book. Not one page...not one word. I devoured it. I loved both the main characters. They both are bloody perfect for each other in every way imaginable.

I mean this book isn't perfection per se, but it was just so good that I can more than overlook the teeny tiny imperfections it had. It's worth it.

Okay skipping past my lovely rant let's get to the story:

Vicky is our steel spined heroine with such a beautiful heart. I kid you not. I fell in love with her character. She's loves fiercely, is unbelievably kind and has gone through something terrible but still remains strong and happy.

Vicky works in Etsy as a jewelley designer and part time as a (pretend) dog whisperer. Events catapult such that the dog's owner is actually a super rich grandmom who dies and leaves her dog this huge corporation - Locke Industries. Vicky being said dog's whisperer is now indirectly in control of the company.

Enter our hero, Henry Locke.


He's the most eligible bastard in the city XD.

" He's a raging inferno of assholishness and powersuitedness with a dash of hotness that makes him...uh."

He's hot, smart and the CEO to Locke Industries, a family business he loves and cherishes above all else. Like Vicky he is fiercely protective of the people he loves and the company is a part of his family. He is obviously dumb founded and feels threatened when he realises that a dog is now in control of his life's work.

Needless to say some serious hate fly between the characters. The build up is sooo good. I loved how they slowly grew to understand each other. How natural the progression was. They respected each other and just understood each other on a deeper level that was seriously beautiful to watch. I loved their dynamic as a couple.

I can't tell this enough - they were perfect for each other!

Reading the plot I wasn't expecting the book to turn out the way it did and that I would love it as much as I have. It totally blew me away. I almost forgot what it was like to read a book and not be able to stop. I'm most definitely going to be reading more from this author! I just want more Henry and Vicky 😭

P.S. Okay so maybe that bit in the ending wasn't the best, but like I said - I'm willing to overlook this because I loved it too much to care. If you're a fan of enemies to lovers trope just pick it up!

Check it out on Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40623339-most-eligible-billionaire

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