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No Fox to Give ~ Vivienne Savage, Domino Taylor

Plot :

A brand-new steamy standalone paranormal romance from Domino Taylor, co-creator of the Wild Operatives series.

Exchanging her stable teaching job for life as a starving artist means Madeleine has no time for fun or sexy men. Too bad the hottest creature in all of Texas has moved in next door, and his favorite activity is ruffling her feathers.

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time landed Dean in government protection, his new home a little rural community named Swan Lake. As the sole fox among them, he's an object of interest, curiosity, and distrust among the swan maidens. But the ivory beauty next door is too much temptation to handle.

Swan Lake is Maddie's home, and Dean is a city boy at heart. The chemistry between them is like shrimp and grits--they don't belong together, but the results are too delicious to matter.

Paranormal romance is my favorite genre. I was excited about this one as I have never read a book with a fox element.

My expectations were probably as big as a hill and it came tumbling down. It began with me realizing that the book was just a 100 pages book. I mean what could happen in such a short book. Right?

In this book, romance overshadowed paranormal which is why the book wasn’t gripping. Usually, the paranormal books have a lot to surprise us and I was waiting for that till the end. I was a little surprised by one reveal though.

I did get to learn a few interesting facts about shapeshifters though. The romance was good for a short book. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone if they wanted a paranormal romance would probably recommend this for the romance.

Songs from the book :

1. Madness: Ruelle

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