• Ria

Out of My League~Sarah Sutton

Trust me I was done with books with fake relationships as their storyline but this somehow I did want to read this. To be honest pick this book when you want to read something really light. Also, the plot is quite predictable and way too emotional. If you are going with this book for the hate-love, don’t pick this up.

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Sophia Wallace an aspiring writer, I loved how determined she was towards her dreams. Her family time included just her because her parents were never around. I really liked the fact she was upfront with Walsh. This girl had talented but she had something else in abundance which was insecurities about herself. She may have stood up face to face with Walsh but she felt she wasn’t good enough. She handles opinions about her like a pro. I just wish she told Walsh the entire truth.

Walsh, okay I may already like him because he is a baseball player then come his sweet side when he saved Sophia.

Only he can annoy someone to death but he also protects them till the end. OMG!!!! I just loved how he always wanted to be with “his Sophie “, he is such a romantic guy. This guy gets plus points for always holding on to his principles.

These both became each other's solid rock. Their friendship slowly did turn into a beautiful relationship. Their lows did hit the pit bottom and they did get bummed, this makes the book really emotional.

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