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P.S. I Like You - Kasie West

This novel reminded me why I fell in love with books to begin with.

I love this author's style of writing, it flows very effortlessly and is very dialogue based. I keep turning pages and before you know it - the books over.

Despite being a simple romance without much drama or angst, this book is sheer brilliance!

The story follows Lily, a highschool student who's passionate about writing lyrics. One day, during chemistry class she pencils down a couple of song lyrics on her table. And to her surprise someone has continued it the next day.

Slowly they start writing notes stuck under the table for each other. They share their thoughts and feelings over these letters. Lily soon starts to fall for this guy.

Now, the best part was trying to figure out who the guy was. Usually it's very obvious who the hero of the romance novel is. So it was highly fun to suspect who the letter writer could be and if she would actually end up with him! There are three guys with the potential to be the anonymous writer. And even though I had my suspicions I was still excited to find who the guy would be!!

The banter is witty and hilarious. I seriously wish I could share some with you so you too could have a laugh, but I don't think it would make sense out of context. I did however LOVE the lyrics she wrote so I'll be adding that here:

"I've turned waiting into a form of art.

Tied twisted lines around my broken heart.

To keep me hanging on for one more day.

I've painted on a crooked smile.

Hung the tears out to dry awhile.

Because I knew that you'd come back to stay.

But my..arms are empty.

And my..heart's in pieces.

And my..soul is twisting.

And my...throat is aching.

Because I've finally woken up to find:

That I've been Left Behind."

Be sure to pick this up if you're looking for a cute YA romance that gives you the butterflies!

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