• Ria

P.S. I Miss You - Winter Renshaw

Rating : 2.5

Melrose is a struggling actress , her family is rich and her grandmother is popular but she does not take these things for granted. She has a huge crush on Nick, her best friend, who doesn't talk about her to others but seeks her help every single time he needs it. He has something HUGE to tell her .

After this news she moves in to his house with Nick's roommate Sutter.

Sutter has had bad relationships in the past and now Melrose reminds him of his last girlfriend who broke his heart. Sutter's mission is to get on Melrose's nerves and make her move out in a week. But little does he know, Melrose is well aware of his mission . They begin their war and during their war they get to know who they both really are. Nick realizes his feelings for Melrose and gets very jealous of Sutter. Sutter realizes that Melrose has been crushing hard on Nick since their childhood and that hits him.

Well it is interesting how everything falls into place.

This a hate-love relationship story and the story is not different from any other hate-love story. It was easy to guess what would happen next and that made the read boring after a point. The main characters were very well written though.

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