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Pretend You're Mine ~ Lucy Score

Luke Garrison stays in a small town where the word goes around really fast. He is also famous because he is obviously handsome and is the Captain in the army. He has a huge happy family. One night he saves Harper from the guy who almost kills her.

Harper wakes and sees a beautiful face but also winces in pain. She has nothing on her except her car and suddenly in a day, she has agreed to be Luke's fake girlfriend. Luke doesn't know why but he feels protective over Harper and he might be developing feelings but his past doesn't let him get close to Harper in a lovey-dovey way. Harper has a tough past too. They both have tough pasts which might affect their relationship.

I LOVE Harper, she is my girl. She is uhhhhhmazing!!! She is so positive even after all the crappy past of hers. She had everyone's heart in no time even though she is a stranger in the town. She even loved Luke and did not expect anything back, I think her plus point is that she always gives without expecting. She is strong and feisty, always fighting for the people she loves. She is a wonderful homemaker, she changes Luke's place altogether and suddenly it feels like home. Her heart is so HUGE that I cried so much for her. She was always so thoughtful of Luke's feelings.

In the beginning, the book was good but in the middle, I thought of giving up the book as I was afraid it would not have anything exciting as it had pages of sex scenes one after the other. I began to feel that they were probably just physically attracted to each other and not emotionally. I was wrong, the story got better later. I even cried. I cried hard for them! Don't worry folks it has a happy ending. I loved all the side characters they all were written well too.

Favorite song of Harper: Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pToUPrtlygo

Happy Reading!!!!

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