• Ria

Pride and Papercuts~ Staci Hart

I began reading this as many bloggers loved this book and they even gave this book 4 stars or more, also who doesn’t love -Hate love romance.

This book was more focused on the brother-sister relationship. I could not connect with the characters. I did feel the attraction between the main leads but it wasn’t there in the entire book and it was on and off. I just couldn’t feel the love, the hate-love, I felt the romance was just pushed in the book. Yes, their hatred for each other was so evident but it was the other way round for romance, I could not feel it not once.

If you want to read a book on family and brother and sister relationship then read this one. I was clearly disappointed with the book. The book is 277 pages long and there is no romance till 199 pages.

I was BUMMED by the book.

I read 2 or 3 pages per day. I was bored.

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