• Ria

Queen of First Dates ~ Jamie Case

Jules has been best friends with Betsy since they had braces and pigtails. Jules had this huge crush on Betsy's elder brother Nolan. As Nolan and Betsy grow up they begin to have a hate-love relationship. Their banter is amazing. Jules is a creative writer in a newspaper company, now she has been asked by her boss to go on 30 dates in 30 days and for this, she has to work with the person she doesn't want to work with at all Nolan. Nolan the amazing photographer is now a co-worker of Jules this only gives him reasons to spend time with her. Spending time together may get them to hate each other or fall head over heels.

This a very short book but it has it all. You can see the attraction between Nolan and Jules. The only that disappointed me was the ending, I felt it was very abrupt, it happened so fast. I am a sucker for epilogues and sadly this did not have one. I love how Jules and Betsy have this undying friendship. Betsy bakes Jules eats! Jules is also a book nerd, during her childhood, Jules knew every single line of a Jane Austen or Shakespeare books. It is an amazing short romantic story.

Songs from the book