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River Wild - Samantha Towle

The Blurb:
A new town. A new identity. Pregnant and alone. And far away from a past that can never find me. River Wild. Moody. Sullen. Jerk. And my new neighbor. I have no interest in befriending River. And he definitely doesn’t want to be befriended by me. Then, he helps me rescue an abandoned dog. And, that day, I see something in his eyes that reflects back in my own. Sadness. Pain. Loneliness. I know all of those things well. An unwanted and unexpected friendship that somehow works. Then, without warning, it turns into something more. River and I both have our secrets, and that’s okay. Because I understand him. And he understands me. For the first time in my life, I have something I never thought I would have—happiness. But happiness isn’t forever. Not for people like me. Especially not when my past is waiting just around the corner, ready to come and take it all away.

My review:

3 Stars

It was a quick read. Recently the books I've read had long paragraphs of narration and description. This book was easier to read in the sense that it had shorter sentences with more dialogues than narration (which is definitely appreciated). However it's not without triggers and some painful topics (which isn't exactly graphically written so shouldn't be that triggering). I felt it could have been more emotional and gripping. The story wasn't bad but fell a little flat. There isn't much space for character development. It made it difficult to connect with the characters. I also felt it was a little unrealistic of how the characters acted seeing their past. I mean...apart from the obvious fact that something happened to them, you don't feel how it's affected them or how they're dealing with it. But I don't want to be too quick to judge as I'm not in a position to understand their situation. It was nice to see the heroine be as strong as she was and always be optimistic. Liking the hero was a bit more difficult but I adored his worry for the safety of the baby.

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