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Seducing Hope-Adaline Winters


How far would you go to protect a secret that causes the dark supernatural world to hunt you?

Who would you hurt to prevent a prophecy from wiping out everyone on the planet?

When Natia Waterford, defender of humankind and self-declared badass, is sent to investigate a series of kidnappings she’s forced to step into the world of the arrogant Archan Reinheart.

She soon becomes entangled in a fight for both the human race and her own life. The rules are simple: everybody’s a threat, everything you read might be false, and, above all, protect your heart.

The blurb was quite interesting which is why I picked this book. Let me warn you this book leaves you with a cliffhanger , if you are a person who cannot stand a cliffhanger do not go with this one.

I love strong female characters and Natia Waterford, a fierce fighter who is loaded with sarcasm. The author makes you fall in love with every shade of Natia.Her relationship with Archan was a pure hate -love relationship, their relationship is loaded with sarcasm because there is badass Natia who does not like bowing to others and she like being in control and the same is with Archan he is someone who hasn’t been challenged until Natia.As the pieces of Natia unravel he begins to fall for her hard.

I just wish there was more about the antagonist , I felt the information or the tension needed was a little less. I wouldn’t read this book again if I was in the mood for paranormal romance.

Overall this was a so-so read.

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