• Ria

Stealing Sawyer ~Samantha Christy

Sawyer needs to solve his issue of one girl night if not he has to be traded to another team. Aspen needs to help her twin brother Denver as soon as possible but she needs money. When Aspen and Sawyer get to know their problems they meet and instantly tik off. Sawyer gets her into a fake girlfriend. Since the first meeting, Sawyer knows Aspen is different and she is not like the other girls. They both begin to have feelings for each other but they might not be together because Sawyer has secrets.

I loved how the characters slowly fell in love with each other. This book clearly shows how a girl can turn a bad man to be the best version of himself. I loved how Sawyer trusted Aspen, he knew he could trust her from the beginning. Oh, Sawyer, he had my heart at the end of the book. Aspen that girl has a HUGE heart she did not once think about herself, she loved her bother to the max. She volunteered at so many places in her free time because she felt it as a reward to serve people. Though Sawyer was super-rich and famous Aspen did not back down from expressing herself. Sawyer was like the silent lover in the book also he was so freaking thoughtful about Aspen. They opened slowly to each other. The butterfly does have a huge impact on the story and I loved it came in the right parts. This story is not at all dramatic, it is smooth as butter on bread. Sawyer and Aspen always went out of their comfort zone for the happiness of the other. The best couple ever.

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