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The Favor-Suzanne Wright


Vienna Stratton knew she only had herself to blame. You didn’t let yourself become indebted to a man like Dane Davenport, no matter how badly you needed his help. As his personal assistant, she was very aware that the globally successful CEO was ruthless and unforgiving.

Of course, if she’d known he’d request that she be his wife for twelve months, she’d have hesitated in accepting his help. Because what she’d learned from Dane was that the devil wasn’t ugly and terrorising. He was seductive and captivating. He hummed with whispers of temptation – the temptation to sin and surrender, to let him brand and possess you. He awakened every need and fantasy you had.

He could even make you love him.

If you do not like a dominant man story then DO NOT PICK THIS UP because Dane is nothing but DOMINATING.

It is not a light read, there is so much happening in the book so you really cannot afford to miss a single page. Every character does have an important role. If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey then you might like this one.

Dane is a self-made man, he is hard to be around because he gets what he wants. He wants all things perfect. He is a dominant man and likes things his way, I think he bent his rules only for Vienna. He is a protective man and will protect his people at all costs. He likes to be upfront. I loved how he melted even if it was that 1%. It’s just that his dominance got to me sometimes otherwise I loved him. He is who he was there were no pretenses. His past broke my heart, I don’t know how he handled it all. His love for Vienna was so evident from the very beginning.

Vienna, a hardworking self-made woman. She went through so much even then she handled everything smoothly. She was super strong and smart to stand all the trouble created for her. Though she was strong, I just felt that she obeyed Dane at times she shouldn’t have.

Their relationship may have been a fake one but not once did I not feel their love for each other. I just hoped we had Dane’s point of view. The ending and the epilogue were amazing.

The epilogue was AWWWWW!


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