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The Perfect First ~Maya Hughes

Seph has been homeschooled all her life and now her dad wants her to pursue her Ph.D. in a few months and this is not Seph wants at all but she cannot rebel with her dad so she comes up with a list of first and posts on the college website as an advertisement. Yes, that is really weird but she hasn't experienced anything than books.

Reece is a football player but he is messed up big time so his coach gets a mentor for him. Reece mistakes Seph as his mentor and then he gets to know about Seph's list since then he gets protective of Seph.

That is how their journey begins.

I’d never wanted to kiss someone more than I did right then, standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor in nothing but my Pikachu boxers, dancing with a woman who was unlike anyone I’d ever met. She’d gotten so fully and completely under my skin, I didn’t know how I’d existed before I met her.”
There's never been a woman more perfect for me
I didn't trip . I didn't stumble. I plunged head first into love

The storyline is really good but the way it is put together you can easily get bored because it is disconnected, this happens atleast for the first half of the book. The second half of the book is really good. I loved how they both fell slowly and easily in love. Reece always admired Seph and it was because of him that Seph slowly began to stand for herself. I loved Seph she may have not experienced anything at all in life but she was smart and a soft-hearted person which sometimes did not work for her. I wish the book was written better because I would have loved it. It was the perfect book for firsts. Reece and Seph were awesome together. It has an awesome epilogue!

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