• Ria

The Tip Off-Rebecca Jenshak

Ratings: 3/5

Gabby has a dream of studying in Valley and she is living it right now. She is nervous because she is afraid people will see her scars but at the same time, she is happy she is away from her over-protective parents. She forgets she has a protective BFF, Blair. Blair and her boyfriend convince Zeke the only single guy in their group to be Gabby's date. Well, Gabby gets to know about this entire set up and is upset. She is a strong girl who hates being pitied.

Zeke has been single for a long time only because he wants to enter the NBA.NBA is his dream, his life; he thinks dating will cost him NBA and he definitely not ready for that.

Blair and her boyfriend with a few other couples leave for a trip. Gabby cannot accompany them because of her work and Zeke also stays back because his meetings get canceled. He is asked by Blair to look out for Gabby. Gabby being her does a lot of things that get her into trouble and she makes sure Zeke accompanies. They both are nuts for playlists, they do it all the time in the book. They begin to spend a lot of time together and then plan to be friends with benefits. They know whatever they have is short because Zeke has to go to Portland for his NBA leaving Gabby behind.

I loved how the writer portrayed Gabby. She might have gone through a lot but Gabby was a fighter and loved her life, she knew that she simply wanted to be happy and that life was short. Zeke our hero has only focused on NBA but ever since Gabby happens he begins to enjoy his life. I love how he does not pity Gabby not even once and is so protective of her. He even made a playlist to tell her that she is beautiful. I loved how the story escalated. I was glad this book did not have a typical breakup. The book also showed how well they started to fall into each other's lives. I was so glad the writer added the playlist at the end of the book.