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To Be Your Only -Rae Kennedy


I’ve been in love with Wes since I was in braces. Him—not so much. But this is the summer I’m finally going to get him to notice me. And fall madly in love with me so we can live happily ever after, obviously.

Unfortunately, my best friend and partner-in-crime decided to run off for the summer, so I’m stuck with her annoying older brother, Eric, as my wingman.

Did I mention he’s annoying? This would be much easier if I weren’t constantly rolling my eyes at his sarcastic remarks or wishing I could wipe that little smirk off his face.

Want to know the most aggravating part? Now that things are finally starting to go my way with Wes, I can’t stop thinking about Eric and his dumb mouth.

The first half of the book is so funny though they are constantly bickering. It is interesting how the author has written about Kyla's lifelong crush and their story. The friendship she has with her best friend is so special and good. She is so attached to her Granddad; I loved how she takes care of him while her Mom is ignorant to an extent.

I think this is the first book where the guy has a crush on the girl and I absolutely loved that fact! The relationship between Eric and Kyla is so strong and so good. Their romantic enfolds slowly and in a realistic way. Eric makes sure he is always there for Kyla. He is the perfect friend in a boyfriend that Kyla needs.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own". Arc provided by NetGalley.

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