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Unspoken ~ Jen Fredrick

Ann Marie has been called a slut and different other nasty names and that is why she is less around in school because she likes to be away from those whispers and glares, She confides in person, her best friend Ellie . Ellie and she have been inseparable since kindergarten . Now they have to be separated for a few hours because Ellie cannot stand Biology.

The first day of Biology and Ann meets Bo, the guy she has been crushing for a looong time .Ann usually sits behind but because of reasons she has to sit next to Bo and in another few minutes they are lab partners.

Bo was in marine and he loves to fight .

Bo also likes Ann, soon they have this amazing banter and then they fall in love, They both had issues but stood tall and strong for each other.

The first half of the book is amazing. I was like

I loved their banters they were my absolute favorites. I liked how they turned into such strong people because of each other. They become pillars for each other. I loved Bo, he is definitely going to my book boyfriend list, he felt like a cocoon I could slip into and be safe. Ann never let Bo feel anything he wasn't supposed to. I even loved the friendship between Ann and Ellie, they were more like sisters. Ann always made sure her decisions did not affect Ellie and vice versa. It is not a sad book so if you are up for romance this would be a good pick. Plus the book has a long epilogue which is a huge bonus.

I 've got your back always", Noah said as I brushed by him. It's just that sometimes that means keeping you from danger instead of running behind you to it".
Nicknames need to be descriptive enough to identify a unique trait of the person,but different enough that they're meaningful to the induviduals using them.
I didn't want to save evryone. I wanted to save AnnMarie,I wanted to save myself .Somehow it seemd the same thing at that moment and surely that wasn't asking for too much.
Bo was my lab partner,I'd begun assigning other ownership thoughts to him. What a crazy thing to do.

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