• Ria

Wild for You ~Kendall Ryan

Ana stays with her boyfriend Jason and she works at a hotel spa. Things change in a drastic way and she has to break up with her boyfriend.

Grant, the captain of the ice hockey team helps Ana when she is in trouble, from there their story escalates. In no time they are roommates. Grant loves having Ana around but she might leave soon.

This book was so short that it broke my heart because it was just not enough.

Ana has faced a lot of hardships and probably that is why she is afraid to say and do things. Grant helps her grow for good. She definitely faced a lot but when she kept pushing Grant away not once but so many times and after a point, I just wanted to shake her.I know it wasn’t easy for her but it killed me to see Grant do so much for her while she pushed him. I loved the fact that Ana was strong and that she did not let anything take over her. She handled everything that came in her way so patiently.

Grant, my my this guy is so kind and so amazing, the perfect husband material. He is protective, thoughtful and respects the thoughts and wishes of Ana every single time. He gives Ana all the time she needs to think and to sort her thoughts. He wants a family! I think his past has a lot to do with his personality and I absolutely loved his personality.

This is an emotional book. I was shaking in the beginning because I did not expect that to be coming at all. It is a short read. I finished this book in two hours. Try to keep your hearts intact and strong.

Playlist from the book :

1.New Vibe Who Dis: Madison Mars

2.Blame it on me: George Ezra

3.Broken: Lovely the band

4. Higher Place: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Ne-Yo

5. I Got U: Duke Dumont