• Ria

Anna and the French Kiss -Stephanie Perkins

Anna is forced by her dad to study in Paris. It is her first time being away from home and she never wanted to leave her mom, her best friend Bridge and her crush, but she has to leave them. She hates it already but she meets Melanie and they soon become friends.

Melanie's friends are Anna's friends too. Especially St.Clair, he is a witty guy, who makes Anna feel at home and soon they are spending time together (though St.Clair has a girlfriend).

Anna has her crush back home and seems like she is developing feelings for St.Clair which she knows is absolutely wrong but its not like we can control what we feel. Anna and St.Clair soon face different issues in life where they have been each other's shoulder and suddenly everything they had is a mess. Anna might lose or win St.Clair, but if she gets back St.Clair she might lose a lot more.

Anna and St.Clair both have family issues. They just click together and are so happy when they are together. I loved how frank and true they were with each other. They opened up to each other slowly and how their friendship slowly grows strong is so beautiful.

I have no complaints from this book except that I wished to see the point of view from the guy's side too. It showcases an entire journey of falling in love and the feeling of falling in love was captured so well that I felt I was falling in love too. I loved the part where St. Clair says 'it is not their fault to come from the family they come from'. This book is deep but leaves a very light feeling. I was afraid when I began reading the book but I was so glad I picked this book.

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