• Ria

The Guy on the Right - Kate Steward

(Dual Review)

Review by Ria:

This book is humorous, it may not seem like that for a chapter or two but after it has it all, Theo, oh my my I love this guy even though he is full of trust issues. He is this good lad that is too handsome plus he plays music. BINGO! He is also one girl kinda man. He meets Laney where it is pitch dark and they open their hearts out.

Laney, she is a woman who is a fighter she is bought up by her Gran and Mommy. She is hardworking and hilarious as hell.

I loved Theo's family. the sisters especially. The sisters definitely loved and protected their one and only brother so damn well. After that night they meet in a store later. They clicked off as friends immediately and then did stupid things together. They were so different yet everything was so perfect. They did stuff out of their way for each other. They ignore their feelings for each other for a long long time. I loved how they both complimented each other. I loved how Theo always made Laney feel so special, he always had a different way of doing things but Laney loved it. I loved how Laney loves food especially tacos and Theo loved her eating face too instead they both were hungry babies when it came to food. They knew each other so well as friends /best friends that they did not get distant or weirded out after getting into a relationship. The transition of best friends to lovers was so smooth. This book has a lot of laughs and is a beautiful friends to lovers love story <3 I would definitely recommend it Favorite Quotes :

"Why do we do that with people we're with, hide what we're really thinking?" "Maybe because it's safer than being alone." The world is full of assholes, don't be one of them They say a kiss is worth a thousand words ,I say hand-holding' is where it's at. "I think we're wired to want what we can't have. It'snot wrong to feel the way you do. "Troy is over six foot with an eight pack and I've got mabs". "Mabs?" He gives me a reluctant grin, "Maybe abs?" If someone truly cares for you ýou won't ever have to wonder about it.

Review by Sakorn:

This book was great in that way that for the first time I've read something that deals with the guy being insecure. It was definitely different and captivating.

This book deals with the leads going from strangers to friends to lovers in a very evenly paced and beautiful story.

I, however didn't get much of the references mentioned in this book which was a whole lot of it. So the majority of the book was a little difficult for me to understand - the reason why it's only a three star and not more. And the reason I even gave it a three star and not less is because it became really amazing after that 60% mark where they finally started loving each other. I loved every bit after that.

Pick this up if you're looking for a different twist to an everyday college romance with a strong yet indecisive heroine and an incredibly sweet, yet insecure hero.

About the book:

Strike One-My mother named me Theodore after her favorite chipmunk.

Not cool, Mom.

I‘ve spent most of my life answering to Teddy, because I couldn’t make Theo work.

Except for here. College. The place where all bets are off, and I’ve managed to redeem myself. There’s only one problem, my new roommate, Troy, is football royalty and looks like he stepped off the set of an Abercrombie shoot.

Doesn’t matter, I cook a mean breakfast for his panty parade, and we get along well. And anyway, this year I got the girl. And she’s perfect.

That’s right. Theodore Houseman, former band geek, now marching band rock star has finally landed the girl of his dreams.

Everything is perfect.

That is, until Troy takes a good look at her.

I’m not going down without a fight. As a matter of fact, I’m not going down at all. As glorious as these days may be for my all-star roommate, Laney is my end game.

I may not know much about play strategy, but I’ve been the good guy my whole life. I’ve been listening and I know exactly what women want. Framed in a picture standing next to me, Troy may seem like Mr. Perfect, but he’s underestimating the guy on the right.

Spoiler alert: In this story, the underdog is going to win.

Release Date : 25th July'19

Pages : 364