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Ever heard of a school where you’re considered absent if you don’t wear makeup? Welcome to K-Beauty School! It's a world-famous university that specializes in all things related to skincare and makeup. The students here learn about the art, science and technology, history, and even marketing of beauty!
Lee Bongju is a 20-year old skincare enthusiast who works as a facialist. She also sells skincare formulations of her own making on the side. For Bongju, skincare is more important than makeup as wearing thick makeup may cause signs of early aging! In the hopes of getting more clients and improving her business, she enrolls at the K-Beauty School and this is her journey into the rabbit hole that is the makeup world.

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Lee Bong Ju is a high school student who helps her mom with her facial business. One day a customer sponsors her study in K- Beauty school (this school is super famous). She enters in the mid term which does not make things easy for her as she is not aware of the school rules. She is also considered ugly in the school (I did not find her ugly at all). She meets her savior through Go Nan, who guides her through the school routine. She soon begins to have this hate - love relationship with Nam Gung Won who is an artist but is forced to study beauty by his family. Both Nam Gung and Lee Bong have secrets that no one knows and spilling them could means destroying their identity in school. She also has a secret admirer Jung Hae In .
Lee Bong is the fresh air that the school and the students need. She tells people that natural beauty and healthy skin care is a must.
It is a 10 episode web drama which you can find on Youtube too.

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