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This is a series about a crew in NYPD. They are a crazy lot! They are weirdly different from each other but perfect together. That is why the office is a madhouse. Let me introduce everyone first:
Holt is the new Captain of the NYPD. He is a rule follower and expects the same from everyone. He seems to have just one face for every emotion. We see him slowly melting down in the series.
Jake Peralta does not what rules are, he hates them especially the one which says “wear a tie”. He is loved by all his comrades because he is unapologetically himself. He has hilarious comebacks for his favorite Amy Santiago. Amy Santiago is ambitious and she tries to impress Captain Holt thus, she is the teacher’s pet. Amy and Jake have a hate-love relationship. Charles Boyle is Jake’s best buddy, they are hilarious together. They high five for anything under the sun. Food is Charles's life; he can tell you the best restaurants in the city. He also LOVES pizza. He has a huge crush on Rosa. Rosa is a coconut, hard on the outside and soft inside. Everyone is afraid of her since she always has a stern and firm tone. Even her apology does not seem like one because she says it in her tone. Gina is explicit at insulting people and to have weird habits. She is also Jake’s childhood buddy. Terry always speaks about himself as a third person and he is afraid of getting hurt though he is all tough. (He could be an awesome boxer) He is the only sane person in the crew but totally weird at times. Here comes our Opera singer Scully, loves food and is diabetic. His best friend Hitchcock gets nothing done with him all day. Scully and Hitchcock have been working together for 30 years. These both can get confused super-fast that is why their work is minimal and easy peasy.

If you are feeling low this series will make you feel amazing. This series is amazing it is filled with laughter. You will fall in love with Jake Peralta. Jake is sarcastically hilarious and he is so carefree. I love how he doesn't care about others opinions. I ship Jake and Boyle, their friendship is endless and has this forever feels. If you love comedy this is the right drama for you . Caution: Once you begin the series you may not be able to STOP.

Meet the cast

Andy Samberg

Stephanie Beatriz

Chelsea Peretti

Melissa Fumero

Andre Braugher

Terry Crews

Joe Lo Truglio

Dirk Blocker

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