EXO Next Door

Romance, Music, Comedy

Ji Yeon Hee is a 23-year-old girl, who hasn't yet dated because she blushes terribly and is completely paralyzed when she's near a good looking boy. One day, four members of EXO are trying to keep a low profile and move into the house of one of the member's grandfather. However, it turns out that the EXO members' house is right in front of Yeon Hee's house.

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Exo fans must watch this short series. Ji Yeon Hee is a sloth and she tends to blush whenever she sees handsome men and that cannot be controlled or treated therefore she is stuck with the blush. Ji Yeon Hee’s mom asks to clean the neighbor's house as there are guests arriving. What she obviously does not know is that it is the famous EXO band.

She begins to spend time with them as her job this holiday is to take care of the house. Soon we can see a love triangle.

This drama had romance but I was wishing the EXO band to sing atleast in one episode but well that did not happen. Do not be disheartened because the OST’s are by the band. The episodes are just 15 minutes so the drama is quite short. Though the story was predictable, I loved the drama.

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Park Chan Yeol

Byun Baek Hyun

Moon Ga Young

Oh Se Hun

Do Kyung Soo

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