First Romance

Drama, Romance, Comedy, College

Many years ago, Yan Ke and Xiong Yi Fan were schoolmates. But back in her younger days, she never discovered that she had a secret admirer in Yan Ke, who kept his crush a secret and loved her from afar. Now things are very different for both of them, and Yan Ke is at college, where he is one of the most popular and well-loved students on campus.
Dashing, sensitive, a hit among the female students, and unfailingly charming, he has also become a budding young pianist. However, deep down, he feels unfulfilled and lacking in purpose.

When a bizarre set off circumstances leads his path to once again cross with Xiong Yi Fan, it is her turn to be smitten at first sight. Will love continue to evade them? Or could Cupid finally unite this duo?

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There were things that I absolutely loved about this drama, one of them was how both the main characters were in love. This drama portrayed the feelings, the hesitation of first love, and the crazy little things we do when we fall in.

The chemistry between the main lead is amazing, I watched this while the drama was ongoing! Loved every episode.
You should definitely not miss drama! This drama doesn’t just focus on the romance part of life but also the issues we face as students. The drama is a package of school/college romance,a drama that talks about student life issues .I love the main leads they have given big hits in other dramas before.

Meet the cast

Wang Peng

Zheng Shu Huan

Chang Chen

Riley Wang

Hanna Lu

Ken Wu

Wei Tian Yu

Lesley Lin

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