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Ma Hoon, Young-soo, and Do Joon are Joseon's most successful marriage agency called Flower Crew and also known for their handsome features. Lee Soo, a blacksmith's son, wanted to marry his friend Gae-ttong, a wild and carefree girl, and requested Flower Crew to help him arrange the marriage. However, Ma Hoon, the leader of Flower Crew, rejected him continuously until he finally sees Lee Soo's genuine heart for Gae-ttong and agreed to arrange their marriage. On the marriage day, Lee Soo was captured and selected as the King of Joseon all of a sudden. How will the Flower Crew handle this crisis and what will happen to Gae-ttong and Lee Soo's marriage?

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A trio of cute boys? Count me in!

This drama is based in the Joseon period in Korea. Usually I'm not a huge fan of historical dramas but I finally watched this because of one actor - Kim Min Jae (as Ma Hoon). After watching him play a second lead in so many dramas, especially Romantic Doctor Kim 2, I desperately wanted to see him get the girl as a lead.

The story goes such that in the Joseon period there are 3 men who run a business as Joseon's best marriage agency. And since they all are good-looking, the people call them the 'flower crew'. Our lead Ma Hoon (Kim Min-Jae) has a troublesome past which makes him distrust the idea of love. He doesn't believe in true love or ever-after love, funny considering the career he is in (but the reason for that is also explained soon during the series). He carries around a rule book that all 3 members of the flower crew follow while arranging marriages. He being the leader, is a strict follower of them. Then as you know, one day he happens across this one woman who makes him break all the rules *wink* *wink*

Our lead woman Gae-ttong (played by Gong Seung-yeon) is an orphan who grew up through tough times. Her childhood best friend Lee - Soo (played by Seo-Ji Hoon) is a blacksmith's son who secretly loves her. One day, Lee - Soo learns about the flower crew and approaches them to help him arrange his marriage with Gae-ttong. A series of events follows by which the marriage doesn't happen and Gaettong ends up under the wing of Ma Hoon as a flower crew apprentice. The love story between our leads them slowly ensues.

While the premise of the drama is not exactly dull or boring, it could've been executed better. I abhor cheating of any kind and this drama basically follows the plot of emotional cheating. I mean, she's promised to another man in marriage (and doesn't really reject him) and she falls in love with the matchmaker, I consider that emotional cheating at least! Also, I don't think they did justice to the behaviors of the characters considering they were in the Joseon period. Our female lead Gaettong shared a lot of 'skin-ship' with male leads which is definitely not accepted in that historical period.

I wouldn't tell you to NOT watch this drama, because I really liked the lead's acting. Yes, there was a major second lead syndrome and the cheating aspect, which made me drop this drama twice. But the lead made me pick it up and finally see it through to its end.

Meet the cast

Kim Min-Jae as Ma Hoon

Park Ji-hoon as Go Young-soo / Chil-nom

Gong Seung-yeon as Gaettong

Byeon Woo-seok as Do Joon

Seo Ji-hoon as Lee Soo

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