Go Go Squid

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A cute romance between an adorable singer who develops a crush on a guy that she is too scared to approach. He is a genius in the field of computer engineering and a legend in the world of professional gaming.
It is late evening when Han Shang Yan walks into an internet cafe. While helping her cousin watch the shop, Tong Nian catches a glimpse of Han Shang Yan and immediately falls for him. She is usually brave, outgoing, and has tens of thousands of followers from singing covers online, but she fumbles whenever she encounters him.
She is used to interviews, but can't even utter a word when speaking to him. He is cold, hard to reach, and not the type of guy to be interested in girls, but Tong Nian's unique personality and her persistent ways to get close to him begin to catch his attention.

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It is a cute love story between a game coach and a smart software student. In the beginning, the story might seem too dramatic but it gets better. He is an ice-cold person who doesn’t believe in love and is a bachelor by choice. She falls in love with him at first sight. Destiny keeps getting them together.

They slowly fell in love with each other. The hero hides the fact that he loves her in the beginning then later when he begins to express his feelings. I was screaming, OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought he would melt to this extent. He was also very considerate about her. He loved everything she did for him and kept her close to him.

It is a light romance. , it has all the elements: romance, comedy and gaming. It was good to see a smart female lead for a change, she even created software for Hang Shang (the hero) and his teams from time to time. She always stood by Hang Shand and understood him and his situation really well. Their age difference made the plot better. Once you begin this drama you will want to binge-watch it.

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Yang Zi

Li Ze Feng

Li Xian

Lee Hong Chi

Hu Yi Tian

Wang Zhen Er

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