Her Private Life

Romantic Comedy, Workplace Romance

Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young) is a talented chief curator of Cheum Museum of Art, who also happens to have a secret: she is a fanatic fangirl of White Ocean's Cha Shi-an (ONE). In addition, she is also the fansite manager of the famous "Shi-an is My Life".

Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) is a standoffish artist who develops Stendhal syndrome, eventually retiring as an artist. After the current boss, Uhm So-hye (Kim Sun-young), gets investigated for embezzlement, Ryan Gold becomes the new Art Director of Cheum Museum of Art.

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Sung Deok- Mi played by Park min young characterizes every fangirl heart in this drama.

Her private life is a romcom based on the life of an art museum curator who is secretly a fangirl of a singer named Cha Shi-An. She runs a popular fansite called 'Shi-An is my life'. Her identity is anonymous as she doesn't want her fangirl ways to create trouble at work , seeing as her boss hates fangirls.

Park min young is an experienced and talented actress. I was impressed with her work in 'Healer' but haven't found any other drama of hers to be as great, until this. As for the hero, Ryan Gold played by Kim Jae-Wook, this was my first drama of his. Personally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of his looks or acting. But I loved the story and other aspects of this drama enough to watch it.

The story pushes off when Ryan Gold is made the new art director of the museum (as the previous director is caught on an embezzlement charge). Ryan Gold and Sung Deok-Mi can't stand each other at first. It's kind of a hate-love thing they have going on (one of my favorite tropes!).

There were a lot of things I loved about this drama. Mainly the plot - it's engaging and sometimes unpredictable. You'll come across a few twists that'll be surprisingly good! The lead characters are both mature and professional. They both take work seriously and do it with a passion. The story's filled with a mellow flowing suspense, hints of grief and lots of laughter and sweet romantic moments.

I was seriously impressed with how Ryan handles her secret of being a fangirl. If only all men were that understanding and supportive *sigh*.

Meet the cast

Park Min-young as Sung Deok-mi

Jung Jae-won as Cha Shi-an

Kim Jae-wook as Ryan Gold

Ahn Bo-hyun as Nam Eun-gi

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