Let's Fight Ghost

Paranormal, College, Romance, Action

Park Bong-pal uses his ability to see ghosts to work as an exorcist, but winds up accepting wandering spirit Kim Hyun-ji as a roommate and ghost-fighting partner.

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I enjoy paranormal dramas a lot! Let’s fight ghost as the title suggests, it’s all about fighting ghosts.

The drama follows Park Bong Pal, a college student who has the ability to see ghosts. He uses this talent of his to earn money by exorcising these ghosts. One day, on an exorcism mission he comes across Kim Hyun-Ji, a feisty kickass high school student who became a wandering spirit because of an accident five years ago. She has no recollection of her past self or how she died. She believes Park bong-Pal is the key to regaining her memories and follows him around in hopes that they return. Bong-Pal and Hyun-Ji soon become a dashing duo who fight ghosts and live together.

Each episode deals with a different exorcism ghost story while the main plot slowly builds alongside. This keeps the drama from being too monotonous and it helps in building up the suspense.

Paranormal dramas need a lot of special effects, and as I expected the VFX in this drama isn’t the best. The ghosts are your usual pale whites with creepy eye contacts and blood splattered clothing. But it's not as cringy as a lot of other drama’s I’ve seen, for sure. It was also sweet how they showed not just the evil spirits but also included good ones; It isn’t always about vanquishing evil spirts but also about helping good ones find peace and acceptance. Which is very moral-filled and enlightening.

Your main concern (like me) would probably be : Does he end up falling in love with a ghost and spending his life with one?! And I can assure you, it’s not like that. I do not want to spoil the suspense for you, so all I’ll tell you is - they both have a happy ending and everything works out in the end. And it’s a pretty believable plot line so don't go thinking crazy theories just yet!

Watch this drama if you’re looking for a college romance with paranormal elements, suspense and some action thrown into the mix. It isn't the best for laughs but does wonders for keeping the viewers captivated with its storyline. Also the re-watch value might not be super high but i’ve already seen it three times till date...so yeah.
Happy Watching!

Meet the cast

Ok Taec-yeon as Park Bong-pal

Kim Sang-ho as monk Myung-cheol

Kim So-hyun as Kim Hyun-ji

Kwon Yul as Joo Hye-sung

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